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Technology to Transform

Renewable Natural Gas Solutions for Agricultural Solid Wastes

A Challenge & Opportunity

Solving the problem of processing hard-to-recycle waste for RNG production has taken over a decade of dedication and federal funding. The challenges of solid waste digestion with zero wastewater production has required rethinking much of traditional waste handling.


We work directly with waste generators to help manage wastes and unlock the new opportunities of increased profitability, simplified operations, and reduced environmental impact.


A Patented Approach to an Important Issue

Fluent Renewables was born out of Colorado State University’s Agricultural Engineering Lab with a mission to modernize the relatively stagnant biogas digestion processes developed primarily in Europe over the last 50 years.


While current designs are adequate for liquid waste, much agricultural waste is not appropriate. Making RNG production from solid waste digestion commercially viable has required innovation and optimization throughout the process.

Unlocking Solid Waste

America’s farmers are tasked with meeting the demand of the global supply chain with sustainably generated food products. Unfortunately, few options have been available to help offset the emissions of their operations. 

Fluent is privileged to help create a win-win by converting solid agricultural wastes into renewable energy while cutting methane emissions, simplifying operations, and creating sustainable recurring revenue for farmers.  


The Fluent Method:

Fluent Process.png
Fluent Process.png

Rapid Processing

& Digestion

Fluent Process.png

Efficient Extraction of RNG

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