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Create a profitable pathway to net-zero agriculture

Unlock renewable energy from agricultural waste through advanced digestion technologies.

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Fluent's Founding Story:

A fifth generation farmer, Fluent's founder Luke learned the value of sustainable agriculture. 

At the age of nine, Luke asked his grandfather why he didn’t use “Miracle Grow” fertilizer on the farm. His grandfather gave him two tomato plants and proposed a competition- He would grow his using organic fertilizer made from farmyard manure, and Luke could use the electric blue fertilizer solution. Luke's tomatoes struggled through the season without a single tomato, while his grandfather's tomatoes were beautiful and delicious. From that moment on, Luke decided that he didn’t need to resort to chemicals from a factory to fertilize the farm when the farmyard had all the resources needed. 


As Luke pursued his college degree, he met Dr. Sybil Sharvelle, who was researching anaerobic digestion in Colorado on a research grant from a local organic dairy. Luke began working with Sybil, and they've spent nearly 15 years researching and developing technology to simplify solid waste digestion. 


Luke has devoted his life to transforming they way we process and make use of waste, with a desire to use in situ resources and create a more connected world.

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