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Extracting Renewable Energy from Waste

Full-Service Manure Management

Disrupting Past Manure Management 

Manure processing has always been labor-intensive and ineffective, making it a no-go for cattle feedlots. 

Until now. 


Fluent Renewables provides a patented technology for processing feedlot manure for digestion that unlocks America’s feedlot cattle for RNG production, enabling a market 6X the scale of dairy.


The Fluent Equation:

Fluent Equation V3.png

A Better Animal Waste Solution.

You work hard to create a healthy food supply for our families. Let us manage your manure and replace the burden with a new stream of income. 

Fluent collects, processes, and digests manure on-site, turning piles of waste into renewable natural gas, while reducing your GHG emissions and eliminating your manure management pains.

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