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 We Put Your Waste to Work

Full-Service Manure  Management

Animal Waste is Difficult.

Without effective processing, animal waste impacts the health of your cattle and the ease of your operation. Traditional dry lot manure processing is labor-intensive and ineffective, making it a no-go for cattle feedlots. 


With Fluent’s full-service proprietary system, manure can be processed effectively with low water use and high RNG yield.


The Fluent Equation:

Fluent Equation V3.png

A Better Animal Waste Solution.

You work hard to create a healthy food supply for our families. Let us manage your manure and replace the burden with a new stream of income. 

Fluent collects, processes, and digests manure on-site, turning piles of waste into renewable natural gas, while reducing your GHG emissions and eliminating your manure management pains.

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