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Fluent's Founding Story

A farmer from a very early age, Fluent's founder Luke learned the value of manure. At the age of eight, he had a competition with his grandfather: who could grow better tomatoes using their fertilizer of choice. Luke was sure that Miracle Grow was the best path, while his grandfather said nothing topped "manure tea." Ultimately, Luke's Miracle Grow tomatoes died while his grandfathers were beautiful and delicious. From that moment on, he became an organic farmer, using manure from the family farm to make manure tea to help his crops grow.


As Luke pursued his college degree, he met Dr. Sybil Sharvelle, who was researching anaerobic digestion in Colorado on a research grant from a local organic dairy. Luke began working with Sybil, and they've spent nearly 15 years researching and developing to create Fluent Renewables.

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